Sunday, December 6, 2009

Allan Guy Featured in the Press

This past week the Manassas Observer did a wonderful write up of Allan Guy, focusing on his present creative interests and how they relate to his "hometown" upbringing in Manassas, Virginia.

Some of the topics included in this article are the influences of illustrator and painter Richard C. Guy, father of the artist, the history of Virginia, including the work of the Manassas Museum, as well as the skilled producers of wines, beers and spirits, that help make the culture of the Northern Piedmont region one of unique interest.

One photo included in the article shows Allan Guy with some of the products he has designed for various Virginia concerns: A rare Martha Washington Rum for Mount Vernon, white wines produced by Philip Carter Winery in Markham, Virginia, and Potomac Point Winery in Stafford, Virginia, A table wine produced by Vino Curioso of Manassas, Virginia and a "7" port style wine produced by King Family Vineyards of Crozet, Virginia.

Also discussed are the paintings of Allan Guy, which are in private collections from Connecticut to Florida, though many remain in the collection of the artist. Some of these oils and watercolors, inspired by open views of the land and the remote buildings they contain, can be seen viewed online, at:

The Manassas Observer is the local newspaper of note and to have such an article run is personally rewarding as well as professionally beneficial. Kudos go to Gretchen O'Brien for her writing and photographic talents, as ell as the editing talents of Randi Reed, owner and publisher. The efforts of both these individuals made this article a success and are greatly appreciated.